Server rules in english

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  • Server rules in english

    The following rules are just for the server start:
    • On the 06.04.2018 Passive halls are not allowed to be build until midnight. (Basespot fights are allowed till midnight as well)
    • Tribe-size: 10
    • Prisoners must be killed after 30 minutes (if its not during a raid)
    • During a raid a prisoner can be catched as long the raid goes on
    • Each player must be in the same tribe on all 3 maps.
    • Multi-Accounts are not allowed
    • Its not allowed to build in or in front of places where you can find artifacts
    • mainbase must be signed by a flag
    • It is prohibited to build next to obelisks (100 Foundations distance)
    • After a raid you have to remove all structure which you haved used for this
    • You can have one mainbase, one passivhall(ground), one passivhall(water) for each server
    • Taming enclosures must be completely removed after the tame, this also applies to Wyvern traps etc.
    • It is not allowed to built in or in front of artifact caves / lootcaves. (The entrance must be accessible at any time)
    • It is not allowed to obstructe the desert drops on ragnarok
    • Do not pillar/foundation or structure spam the world. (Under certain circumstances an admin will destroy every tribe structures)
    • Blocking through invisible structures is prohibited. (Under certain circumstances an admin will destroy every tribe structures)
    • Demolish taming structures
    • Beginner-Protection: 5 Days (from the 13.4.18)
    • Its not allowed to CHANGE TRIBES for Raid together !!
    • Its forbidden that 2 Tribes want to Raid a Single Tribe !! Only Tribe vs Tribe !
    • During a raid it is forbidden to go offline. (There may be exceptions under certain circumstances)
    • It is prohibited to place structures under the mesh:
      • Structures -> Should this be noticed during a raid, there are 3 warnings, after which all structures of the Tribes are deleted, if the structures under the ground were not removed.
    • A third party may interfere in a raid, but the following restrictions apply:
      • The third party may not place their own structures
      • The third party must not destroy structures of the attacker or defender
    • Monday to Thursday from 16:00 to 0:00 o'Clock
    • Friday 16:00 o'Clock to Sunday 22:00 o'Clock
    Offline Raid Protection is active after 25 Minutes


    • Only the owners are authorized to enter the Passiv-Dinohall
    • Creatures within the hall are not allowed to be killed under any circumstances
    • Each passive hall MUST have a roof.
    • 2 passive halls per tribe are allowed on each map.
    • The passive hall must contain at least 20 foundations from the mainbase, no other structures are allowed in this area, except spikes.
    • The passive hall may not obstruct the only land access to the Base / Outpost. There must be a gap of 10 foundations in between.
    • It's not allowed to fight on a passiv hall, this includes sniping from inside or its roof.
    • Dinos that got taken out of a passivehall during a raid, are not allowed to enter it again till the raid ends.
    • It's not allowed to fish inside a passivehall, this includes the roof as well.
    • Any Structures inside the passivhall are prohibited. (for example: Smithy, air conditioners, etc.) (except: generator, lamps, feeding)
    • Logging out inside of a passivhall is not allowed.
    • The size from the passiv hall is 2x2x2 or 4x2x1 behemoth-gates
    • You are allowed to place 1-2 turrets inside of the passiv hall. (Reason: Wild dino spawns inside of the halls)

    If no admin or support is online, its not allowed to take the law into one's own hands

    Violations of the rules will be punished with a temporary or permanent ban according to the severity of the offense.

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